Rick Swette is a UX Researcher, Designer and Analytics specialist.

Currently doing that at Infor Hook&Loop.

What I Do


  • Research user needs and KPIs
  • Conceptual sketching and product strategy
  • Prototyping and usability testing
  • Analytics implementation, insights and dashboard design


  • Best in class tracking of your users
  • Blend of research experience in industry and academia
  • Savvy in technology and software development
  • Experience in digital marketing and A/B testing

Insight Driven CPG Site

The "one page" product page for Sweet Earth Foods boldly allows the user to see rich, beautiful detail of all 42 SKUs without ever loading a new page. It worked: our organic visitors (10K a month) click on 16 products, spending 6 minutes doing so. Visit us live or...

Analytics Insights

I specialize in tracking how people use products. I package insights for design purposes, and design and implement the ways in which that data is collected. Reach out for full samples, or read...

NBA Play by Play Data Viz

An interface designed to explore NBA play by play data could speed up and change the way analysts report on the game. This hobby project explores user centered design for the analyst.

AUTOUI Human Factors Publication

I measured ways of navigating a menu while driving. Insights for the design of safer car infotainment systems were uncovered, primarily around affording increased sub-tasking. This work was published as a proceeding in AUTOUI 2013 and has since received 400 downloads on the acm site. View an unofficial copy or...

"Windows" Redesign

We redesigned one of the most universal user interfaces, the window-based operating system. We prototyped "the cross" and measured it against a tried and true method in a unique way. A short, but potent exercise from my time in GT's MSHCI program.



  • Usability Analyst '16-17
  • UX Freelance '15-'16
  • Insights Analyst '13-'15
  • UX Research Intern '12
  • UI Developer '09-'11
  • UX Prototyper '08