Rick Swette is at the intersection of design and data.

Currently doing that at
Infor Hook&Loop.

What I Do


  • User needs discovery and KPI formation
  • Sketching, prototyping and usability testing
  • Designing and building usage analytics systems
  • Storytelling and dashboarding of quant and qual data



  • Usability Analyst  '16-19
  • UX Freelance  '15-'19
  • Insights Analyst  '13-'15
  • UX Research Intern '12
  • UI Developer  '09-'11
  • UX Prototyper  '08


resume pdf >


Packaging work for self serve is important in my work. Here is a fun and completely non-confidential example about Slack, the popular enteprise messaging app. This was a quick write up serving as competetive analysis.

Analytics Insights

I track users, package insights for design purposes, and design and implement the ways in which that data is collected. Read my medium post for fun anecdotes...

Insight Driven Food Brand Website

The "one page" product page was designed to maximize product exploration and engagement. It worked: The average product viewer views 16 products, and actively spends 9 minutes doing so. Visit us live or...

NBA Play by Play Data Viz

An interface designed to explore NBA play by play data could speed up and change the way analysts report on the game. This is a hobby project that I'm still dreaming about.

AUTOUI Human Factors Publication

The goal was to achieve insights for the design of safer car infotainment systems. We compared 4 conceptual protototypes in a unique way and it resulted in some interesting ideas in how to afford increased sub-tasking. This work was published in AutoUI 2013 and has since received 400 downloads on the acm site. View an unofficial copy or...

"Windows" Redesign

We redesigned, prototyped and measured experimentimental take on how navigation works in the window-based operating system.