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One of the most universal user interfaces we all touch is the operating system. A small team at Tech sought out to redesign the basic building block of a modern operating system: windows.

Dive In:

Demo: Hold shift and play around... (not mobile friendly)

Demo Vids:

Dive in some more...

Easy Move and Easy Resize (same as demo).

Easy Window Switch: Shove a Window (the cross) .

Easy Switch: Undo and Redo.

Easy Cleanup: Easy Close .

Research Phase:

We analyzed 2 hours of 6 different users using their computers, observed 6 users in the library, who told us about their methods, distributed a survey, downloaded loads of alternative window manager plugins, scoured relevant literature and most of all engaged in meaningful conversations over the course of a few weeks to achieve these results. 

Click to view the report in full.


We created a task that required the user of multiple windows. With 5 windows on the screen, one was a quiz, and the other 4 windows contained text that enabled users to answer the questions. We measured accuracy, time to complete, and qualitative feedback at the end of the session. See our final paper and results.



Rick Swette - NYC - User Centered Design, UX Research and Digital Analytics